CastleRock Alpha 2 Release

CastleRock Alpha 2 Changelog:

Saving + New Game (+) Player Character

Legacy Support: Enabled Shader toggle on/off.
GUI Improvements to starting menu and combat buttons. “Select Target” has been removed and replaced with the 4 enemies.
New Enemy : Venus with 2 new animations. –Tentacle Plant Monster.
New Enemy : Ekdroma with 2 new lesbian animations. – A fit tribal warrior. (The 1st of 4 upcoming tribal enemies.

Misc New Animations: Komodo X Female, Infected X Female, and Gorgon X Female. New mob Icons: Bandito, Bandita, Gorgon, Lamia, Komodo, and Lacerta all have individual icons visible before / after encounters.

Mod Support for Mob Icons : Mob Icons are kept external to allow for player manipulation. Encounter Change: Encounters have been split into “Ambushes” and “Encounters”. Encounters are the same as before and quite avoidable. Ambushes differ in that they are harder to escape from, Enemy team is all of the same faction(no fighting amongst themselves) and they also attack first for their team. Content Filters: Players are able to disable “Futa”-“Insect”-“Monster”-“Tentacle”-“Robot” as encounterable enemy types. When disabled mobs with those tags won’t end up in combat. The “Monster” tag does not include the humanoid monster girls and monster guys.

Misc: Links button added to main menu.
Misc: New naming convention for versions.


CastleRock Alpha 2 for Windows 52 MB
Sep 06, 2017
CastleRock Alpha 2 .jar for Linux (test) 52 MB
Sep 06, 2017

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