CastleRock Alpha 3 Release

CastleRock Alpha 3 Release- October 12,2017

One of the main goals of Alpha 3 was to start implementing some of the "RPG" into this "Adult-RPG".  Starting with stat selection into 5 core stats:

 [B]rawn - [A]llure - [S]marts - [E]ndurance - [D]exterity. All other stats are derived from BASED, and the combat has received some balance overall. The party menu screens have seen some refine along with GUI improvements to the Combat Huds. Allotted space for resources have been added to the right panel.

Critical hits have been properly tuned to trigger on reaching "100", no longer waiting for the turn prior. A handful of minor actions like stripping now build additional crit. The system for lewd animations has been improved to allow a tiered system based on these critical values. Ultimately allowing climax animations to trigger properly.

Additional mod support has been included to allow loading custom icons, for the players character.

The player avatar system has seen some revising, primarily a separation between the body and clothing system, and actual body modification will be the focus of Alpha 4.


+BASED selection screen added to player create menu

+"Load" custom icon option added to Icon create menu.

+Hair color palletes selection has been increased to 32.

+Alternate faces available in avatar screen.

+Alternate body designs/tattoos available in avatar screen.

+General : New Enemy, Ekdromo, a mature tribal male, the other half to the already introduced Ekdroma.

+Control Hub: Resources GUI for biomass / scrap metal/ and power cells

+Control Hub: Map Size Increased

+Control Hub: Some mob spread control by n distance (not complete)

+Control Hub: New injured mob event. Human minded mobs can be intimated with a [B]rawn check

+Control Hub: Able to escape ambushes upon [D]exterity check and enemy party size.

+Party Member Menu: Gui improvements.

+Party Member Menu: Able to repair armor away from home.

+Party Member Menu: Perk screen with unlocked perk list, and unlockable perks.

+Party Member Menu: Preference screen - (Sex orientation --- placeholder)

+Party Member Menu: Preference screen- Sex attack preference allows player to decide between vaginal / oral for critical attacks.

+Perks: Health Buff, Energy Buff, Blocking Buff, and Energy Regen Buff,

+Perks: Leadership perks have been added and need to be unlocked before aquiring party members.

+Combat: All Health/Energy/Crit meters have been increased in size for readability.

+Combat: New Enemy Combat Huds.

+Combat: Many Balance changes (WIP)

+Combat: Enemies realize when player is low on health / energy and attack styles change according. Will absolutely try to knock you down if your energy is low.

+Combat: Tiered animation loops. (Rudimentary system was already in place)

+Combat: Stripping and disrobing now build additional crit.

+Combat: disrobing now does minor health damage.

+Combat: Sprite direction facing has been fixed

+Combat Summary: Place holder resource gain.

+Lewd: 5 new female initiated oral animations with generic male (3), komodo(1), and gorgon (1).

+Lewd: 1 critical climax animation added to generic male initiated attacks.


CastleRock Alpha 3 Exe.7z 56 MB
Oct 13, 2017
CastleRock Alpha 3 Jar.7z 56 MB
Oct 13, 2017

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