A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

CastleRock is an Adult-2D-RPG set in a radioactive post-apocalyptic world. With turn based/ party based combat and player customization.

This is more of a showcase of current game mechanics. There is no story, or objectives.

What can you do at this stage in development:

Pretty much you create a character, there's a bit of outfit customization, a shader is involved so a good deal of different colors.

You explore each tile to unlock further tiles & more difficult
enemies/ larger party sizes. You can gain party members a Robot Drone, Rover, and Android, an insect Bloat Bug, and a Mutalisk like tentacle monster. There are
about 15 different mobs and around 52 different animations between them.
There are different animations for win/losing and enemies of different
factions will fight each other. You can mouse over animations to view
them at a larger size.

ALPHA 4: Changelog:
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Support development on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CastleRock

ChangeLog - https://castlerockgame.blogspot.com/

Best for updates/progress- CastleRock Tumblr

MORE INFO- CastleRock Blog

Install instructions

Download the file (it is compressed as a .7zip)

For Windows only - On launch it will check the version of java you currently have. If not, a prompt will show saying you don't have the required java version, and will open a url for the java website to download the latest version. After java is up to date, relaunch the CastleRock.exe file, and you should be good to go.

For Linux - Download the .jar folder. Good luck friend.


CastleRock A4.5 Linux-Mac.7z 61 MB
CastleRock A4.5 Windows.7z 61 MB

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